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Children’s Bible Quizzing

Children's Quizzing - Northwestern Illinois District Church of the Nazarene

If your child is in 1st – 6th grade, we invite them to join us for quizzing! Help your children “hide God’s Word in their Hearts.”

Adventures in the Promised Land!

  • Students will learn that God is faithful and keeps His promises!
  • 20 Faith Words to help children build their spiritual vocabulary and understanding of the Christian faith.
  • God’s Characteristics—snapshots of what God is like, revealed through His interactions with people and situations in each Dig Site (lesson).

What to expect…  

  • Quizzing material will cover 20 Dig Sites. 
  • Quiz Meets are on the second Saturday of the month (Oct-Feb with District Quiz in March). 
  • Each Quiz will cover the Dig Sites your children leaned in that month (as well as previous months) until they have gone through all 20 sites. 
  • Children will usually meet with Quiz leaders once a week (starting in Sept.) to review material for each Dig Site. 
  • Children will receive a student workbook, scripture portion for the book in the Bible they will quiz over, and study cards over each dig site. 
  • There are also online videos to help you child study and learn the material. 

** Note – your child will only get out of quizzing what they are willing to put into it. It is wonderful for your children to hear the Word of God from our quiz leaders, but for your children to truly learn to “Hide God’s Word in their Hearts” it is important to teach them to be IN the WORD at home as well. Studying for quizzing is a great way to teach them this lesson. **

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