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Pastor Jonathan Hall

Pastor Jonathan Hall

Pastor Jonathan Hall

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jonathan Hall was born into a pastor's family, in 1994. Jonathan and his family moved to Coffeyville, KS. It was in Coffeyville that Jonathan really remembers being taught much of what he knows about the church.

In 2006, after graduating from High School in Coffeyville, KS, Jonathan felt called to go to MidAmerica Nazarene University. There was much question as to what degree he would end up with in the end. However, when it was discovered that he could finish with a BA in Music and marry the love of his life (Jordan Arrowsmith) the decision was much easier!

Jonathan and Jordan both graduated in May 2009 and got married on July 25, 2009! Through a set of circumstances that only God could orchestrate, Jonathan was hired to become a music teacher at a nearby town (Cherryvale, KS).

Jeremiah Daniel Hall was born June 19, 2012! Jonathan spent the next 2 years teaching in the local schools (Coffeyville, KS). He loved every minute of it, but God's calling was still reverberating through his heart and soul to be a full-time minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This desire led Jonathan & Jordan to take a giant leap of faith and move to Excel, AL. It was in Excel that the Lord blessed Jonathan & Jordan one again with a beautiful baby on January 11, 2017 (Julianna Lynn)!

After an opportunity became available at Garnett Church of the Nazarene in Garnett, Kansas, Jonathan accepted the Lead Pastor position. They moved back to Kansas and started leading the church body in January 2018.

Once again, God continued to work through unforeseen circumstances when the Hall family was called to consider coming to Moravia, Iowa to lead The Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene. Throughout his entire ministry, Jonathan desires to use his life to speak on behalf of God and watch how He will continue to change people's lives as they are saved and sanctified through the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He truly enjoys serving in the local church body and prays that the Church will continue to be empowered to be the body of Christ through the power of the infilling of the Holy Spirt.