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Lightings from the Pastor– 18 March


We were reminded again yesterday that our world can be turned upside down with one phone call.  Marty Hatfield was injured yesterday at work and is in the hospital in Des Moines.  I believe he will fully recover but needs prayer.  Yesterday we also went to the visitation of a 13 year old boy in Oskaloosa.  I’m not sure how that family will recover.  In fact, I’m sure they will not recover in one sense, they have lost a child.  They knew we were praying for them last Sunday and many in the family expressed thanks to the church.  Injury, sickness, even death; it will all come, but prayer is needed in every case.  Just know you have never wasted time when you have prayed.

UPCOMING EVENTS.  The BIG event right now in the life of our church is the Easter Drama.  This Sunday at 6:00 PM, next Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 PM will be the nights of the drama.  Last night was dress rehearsal and it went well.  We had a time of prayer at the end and a challenge was issued for each person in the cast to invite someone who needed Jesus Christ in their lives.  So I want to extend that challenge to all of us.  If you have put a name in the bowl, don’t just hope GOD does something, YOU DO SOMETHING!  Invite that person to the drama.  Take them out for supper first, whatever it takes, bring them and pray for their soul.

Also, next Sunday is Easter Sunday and I want to tell you now that we will be having Communion on Sunday morning.  Prepare you heart to receive the elements that represent to us the broken body and shed blood of Jesus Christ.

SUNDAY MORNING.  I will be preaching a sermon titled, Jesus Conquers Religion.  It deals with the Triumphant Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  Many of the cast of the drama will be at the altar Sunday morning and I am asking people who are NOT in the drama to come down and pray over the cast.  We will pray for their health, their voices, and their lines.  Prayer is the most important thing we can do to prepare.  Last Sunday was a good day.  Over 380 people and a lot still out sick or other things.  I like this, I had it in last week:  If U R not here, it will not be CH__CH.  You see it isn’t church unless UR here RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!!!

SUNDAY EVENING.  Obviously the drama will be this Sunday night.  Next Sunday night, Easter Sunday, we do not have a PM service.  After a long hard week it gives people time to rest and spend time with family.

SUNDAY MORNING PRAYER.  PRAYER IS THE KEY TO SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH!  That is what PRAYER MEETINGS ARE ALL ABOUT!    Prayer starts at 8:30 AM.  The ladies meet in a classroom by the gym (across from the kitchen). The men meet in the senior adult classroom (back hall in the new addition).  What happens in church often starts at these early prayer meetings.  Come be a part of it!

SUNDAY SCHOOL.  We are working to grow our Sunday school.  The new “Transitions” class for young adults has had to move to a larger room!!  Make a little extra effort to be here at 9:30 for Sunday school and start a new area of spiritual growth in 2016!


WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICES.  Next Wednesday will be the drama and the Wednesday after that things will hopefully start finding “normal” again.  I think there will be another New Hope class soon and we are discussing a new Bible Study for younger adults. Childcare will be provided!!!

FOOD PACKAGING.  We will not package food in March.  We will announce the packaging soon.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please read this list slowly and prayerfully.  Thank you.

Please left up the Hoven Family.  Isaac Hoven was killed in a tragic accident and the family needs our prayers.  They are in the Oskaloosa Nazarene church so we have known this family for many years.

Pray for Gary Kratzer. He is home but the surgery was more than anticipated so he is going to be down for a little bit.  Keep both he and Martha in your prayers.

Also, Ronnie (Red) Coffman still needs our prayers.  I talked to him this morning and he may be getting out of the hospital today.  Pray that he can get home and stay home for a while.

We have been asked to pray for a little boy named Samuel Pratt.  He is 2 months old and is in Des Moines on a ventilator.

Pray for a 16 year old young lady that works for a man in our church.  Her best hope and help is in the person of Jesus Christ.  Please help us pray for this young lady.

Tom Poole got a good report from his test but some more tests coming in the future.  He has been able to be in church and is back to work.  Thank you Lord!

Dan Johnson has finished his 4th round of chemo.  Pray for Dan’s upcoming PET scan.  That will tell them if he is ready to have surgery.  Also, pray for the sale of their house in Knoxville.

Please pray for Rose Mary Smith.  I think she will be back on the piano this Sunday!

Gary Hutcheson will be having radiation treatment today and has one more next Monday and then he is done.

Denise Asbury is out of the hospital now.

A man named Mark Eddy from Centerville has late stage cancer.  He needs our prayer.

Pray for Keith Helmick.  He has had some health issues that the doctors are struggling to pinpoint the problem.

Dan Brooks has cancer and needs prayer.

Please pray for Tim Kratzer, son of Gary and Martha Kratzer who has prostate cancer.

My friend and brother pastor Bill Branson continues to need prayer.

Continue to pray for Jan Uitermarkt.

Ed Seeley has had more problems with his shoulder.  After 2 surgeries he is not planning to have surgery again.  Please ask God to just touch him since the surgeries have not worked.

Gene and Pauline Nord continue to need prayer.

I know there are other needs, lift your needs to him today as well.

Please come prayed up and EXPECTING THIS SUNDAY!  God wants to do great things!  Also, plan to come back Sunday night to the drama and bring a friend!

Pastor Chapman

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