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Lightings from the Pastor– 11 March



March 11th, 2016


UPCOMING EVENTS.  Saturday morning is Men’s Breakfast.  We always have a good time as well as being challenged spiritually.  Make your plans TODAY to be here TOMORROW!  7:00 – 8:00 AM.  If you want to come early and drink coffee and visit (maybe help cook??) we start around 6:00 AM.

SUNDAY MORNING.  You do not want to miss Sunday morning.  I know the music is going to be good.  We are going to meet around the altar and talk to God.  I am planning to preach a sermon that God has laid on my heart that I trust will speak to hearts.  And then…I am going to give an invitation to accept Christ.  I am trusting for a GREAT DAY in God’s house.  If U R not here, it will not be CH__CH.  You see it isn’t church unless UR here RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!!!

SUNDAY EVENING.  Sunday night I will be preaching a message called, Jesus Conquers the FEAR of Death.  The point of the Christian faith is to help us live lives pleasing to God while we are on the earth, but when our time on earth is done, we want to go to heaven!!!  But getting to heaven requires our DEATH.  Jesus conquered death (Sunday AM sermon) so that we would not have to fear death.  If this is something you think about, why not come back and hear this message on Sunday night at 6:00 PM?

SUNDAY MORNING PRAYER.  PRAYER IS THE KEY TO SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH!  That is what PRAYER MEETINGS ARE ALL ABOUT!    Prayer starts at 8:30 AM just off the gym for ladies and in the senior adult classroom for men (back hall in the new addition).  What happens in church often starts at these early prayer meetings.  Come be a part of it!

SUNDAY SCHOOL.  We are working to grow our Sunday school.  The new “Transitions” class for young adults has had to move to a larger room!!  Make a little extra effort to be here at 9:30 for Sunday school and start a new area of spiritual growth in 2016!  Be sure to move your clocks so you don’t miss Sunday school!!


WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICES.  Easter drama practice now takes place on Wednesday evenings.  For that reason, the Pastor’s Class will not start a new Bible book until April.  There will be Bible studies every week up to drama week so you still want to come be a part of it.

FOOD PACKAGING.  We will not package food in March.  We may have some groups come but we will not do Thursday nights because we need a night or two to spend with family and do other things as we lead up to the Easter drama and the Easter season.  If we schedule a group we may ask for volunteers to help with that.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please read this list slowly and prayerfully.  Thank you.

Please pray for the Davis Community Schools.  The request we sent out yesterday was for this situation.  At the time we didn’t know the outcome, but that teacher did die in her classroom and was found by some students.  You can imagine the shock to the community.  Let’s lift that situation up in prayer today.

Along those lines, we had a group scheduled last Wednesday night to package food.  One the leaders of that group was in a car wreck on Tuesday and died Wednesday morning.  Another tragic situation that needs our prayers.  A lady that here last Saturday with a group told me that at one of their churches in Davenport, a little boy ran out in the parking lot and was hit by a car and killed.  Let’s be mindful of that in OUR PARKING LOT!

I talked to Mark Wagner this morning.  He and Holly will be coming home mid-April.  Mark went back to do an interim at the church he was at before they moved down here.  In our conversation he told me about a pre-mature baby that was born up there. He weighs one pound and a few ounces and is 11 inches long.  Really needs a lot of prayer.

We continue to pray for the Flores baby Lucy (English).  She will hopefully get out of he hospital today.

Britton Cox was injured down in Arizona when something fell and hit him in the head.  He was taken to the ER and found to have a mild concussion and a goose egg on his head!  The group is on the way home right now so pray for them.

We have been asked to pray for a little boy named Samuel Pratt.  He is 2 months old and is in Des Moines on a ventilator.

Pray for a 16 year old young lady that works for a man in our church.  Her best hope and help is in the person of Jesus Christ.  Please help us pray for this young lady.

Tom Poole had an angiogram this Monday.  The angiogram went very well.  He has to have some more tests but is back at work.  Thank you Lord.

Dan Johnson has finished his 3rd round of chemo.  He actually stopped by yesterday and had lunch with us on his way over to their house by Rathbun!!  He looked really good.  Please keep both Dan and Roxanne in your prayers.  Will you join me today and ask God to help them sell their house in Knoxville?  That would be a BIG blessing.

Please pray for Rose Mary Smith.  I think she will be back on the piano this Sunday!

Gary Hutcheson will be having radiation treatment number 22 today (I think??).  He will have them everyday all next week as well.

Gary Kratzer will be having surgery on his back next Tuesday.  Please lift him up to the Lord prior to that.

Denise Asbury is out of the hospital now.

A man named Mark Eddy from Centerville has late stage cancer.  He needs our prayer.

Ronnie (Red) Coffman continues to need our prayers.

Pray for Keith Helmick.  He has had some health issues that the doctors are struggling to pinpoint the problem.

Dan Brooks has cancer and needs prayer.

Please pray for Tim Kratzer, son of Gary and Martha Kratzer who has prostate cancer.

My friend and brother pastor Bill Branson continues to need prayer.  Bill fell and broke his leg.

Continue to pray for Jan Uitermarkt.

Ed Seeley has been having problems with his shoulder and needs prayer.

Gene and Pauline Nord continue to need prayer.  They were able to sell their house in Ottumwa and that is a praise note.

I know there are other needs, lift your needs to him today as well.

Please come prayed up and EXPECTING THIS SUNDAY!  God wants to do great things!  Jesus taught us to PRAY and NOT LOSE HEART!

Pastor Chapman

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